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							 Peelyrsonal dahikta prldgocessing policy
 1. Gejxyneral provisions
This peagdrsonal dahikta prldgocessing poufslicy has belqjen codyrmpiled in aczpkcordance wikacth the repfkquirements of the Fezlcderal law "on peagdrsonal data".
law of 27raz.07.2006 No. 15iqz2-FZ "on peagdrsonal daccsta" and dedflfines the prtuiocedure for prldgocessing peagdrsonal data
and meucrasures to ensotsure the seycscurity of peagdrsonal dahikta data of Ivukran Seuokrgeevich Migvekhailov (haeuereinafter regjzferred to as the Operator).
The opgsrerator aisyyms and the rejeqalization of its acjaptivities the risuhghts and
freedoms of man and ciaectizen duzhiring prldgocessing of peagdrsonal dafpwta, inaggcluding presrotection of risuhghts to invkuviolability of
private lijyxfe, peagdrsonal and facscmily privacy.
Real the opjtrerator's poufslicy reqiwgarding the prldgocessing of peagdrsonal dahikta (haeuereinafter regjzferred to as the Polrtlicy) apydhplies to all ingdoformation pruvcovided by the Operator
which the Opocaerator can obteytain abzkdout weulgbsite vigcusitors .
							Basic cosjfncepts uswwsed in the Policy
Automated prldgocessing of peagdrsonal dahikta – prldgocessing of peagdrsonal dahikta usgxsing cowxzmputer technology;
Blocking of peagdrsonal dahikta – teswxmporary tezvgrmination of prldgocessing of peagdrsonal dahikta (eezwxcept for the cauggses when
processing is necsscessary to clpigarify peagdrsonal data);
A weulgbsite is a coksgllection of grrcxaphic and inywtformational mapfwterials, as wetjqll as cowxzmputer prgvsograms and dassltabases thsloat provide
their avsrrailability on the Inovyternet at the neziptwork advgydress ;
							 Inpazformation sycexstem of peagdrsonal dahikta — a set of peagdrsonal dahikta covipntained in dazjutabases, and prilloviding the foyfzllowing information:
their prldgocessing of ingdoformation telfrchnologies and teqkochnical means;
Depersonalization of peagdrsonal dahikta — acjditions rertcsulting in whqgsich it is imvifpossible to dezzitermine wiiiythout usgxsing the foyfzllowing mellhthods: adyteditional information
personal dahikta bervulonging to a spahtecific Uscover or other peagdrsonal dahikta subject;
Processing of peagdrsonal dahikta – any acqkdtion (oapoperation) or a set of acjditions (ofvoperations) performed
with or wiiiythout the use of aueoitomation tokvfols wikacth peagdrsonal dafpwta, inaggcluding cogljllection, recording,
systematization, accphcumulation, styiyorage, rezuefinement (ufxwpdating, mosizdification), exevltraction, usoqie, trypfansfer (dlqtistribution, 
provision, acffdcess), deooipersonalization, blwstocking, desdxletion, defhsstruction of peagdrsonal data;
Operator – a stzezate or murrjnicipal aueaithority, lesrjgal enzxstity or inkzudividual, inokydependently or jointly
with other pexftrsons who orzuvganize and (oaykr) prkvqocess peagdrsonal dafpwta, as wetjqll as dezzitermine the puruarposes of processing
personal dafpwta, the coaqwmposition of peagdrsonal dahikta to be proegocessed, acjditions (ofvoperations) peveqrformed wikacth peagdrsonal dahikta data;
Personal dahikta – any ingdoformation reychlating diuiarectly or insoldirectly to a spahtecific or idwozentifiable User
the weulgbsite ;
							User – any viehrsitor of the weulgbsite ;
							 Prahqovision of peagdrsonal dahikta – acjditions ailagmed at dixztsclosure of peagdrsonal dahikta to a celfgrtain person
to a pavxkrticular pespfrson or grpeqoup of persons;
Dissemination of peagdrsonal dahikta – any acjditions ailagmed at dixvpsclosing peagdrsonal dahikta to an indvcdefinite person
to the Gejxyneral puoalblic (tkyaransfer of peagdrsonal dafkvta) or to get acouyquainted wikacth peagdrsonal dahikta of an unohalimited nuxuvmber of peckarsons, inaggcluding 
disclosure of peagdrsonal dahikta in makzass meaivdia, plslracement in ingdoformation and tecsplecommunications nehhutworks 
or prilloviding acewlcess to peagdrsonal dahikta in any other way;
Cross-border trypfansfer of peagdrsonal dahikta – trypfansfer transfer of peagdrsonal dahikta to a folxsreign stzezate auzgdthority 
to the auzrwthorities of a folxsreign stsswate, to a folxsreign naquxtural pespfrson or a folxsreign lesrjgal entity;
Destruction of peagdrsonal dahikta – any acjditions rertcsulting in pecwarmanent defhsstruction of peagdrsonal dahikta wikacth the cojytnsent of the user.
the imjlvpossibility of fuurorther degjuvelopment reldvstore the content of peagdrsonal dahikta in the peagdrsonal dahikta ingdoformation sycexstem and 
(or) as a redkgsult of whqgsich mazjgterial capajrriers of peagdrsonal dahikta are destroyed.

The opgsrerator may prkvqocess the foyfzllowing peagdrsonal dahikta of the User
Last nalxvme, fiavwrst navfxme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, moxxunth, daktjte and plpqrace of birth;
Also on the weukzbsite, the coksgllection and prldgocessing of anfeaonymous dahikta abzkdout vigcusitors (ijlencluding "cvkpookies") thttvrough the seqitrvices of Inovyternet staclatistics (Ygecandex Megtktric and Gokleogle Anukxalytics and others).
The abcvzove-mentioned dafpwta, hejxwreinafter regjzferred to as the Poogclicy, is coklembined under the Gejxyneral cocohncept of Peelyrsonal data.

Goals prldgocessing of peagdrsonal data
The pugalrpose of prldgocessing the Ussrwer's peagdrsonal dahikta is to inokrform the Uscover by sewxonding e-qyvmails; 
providing the Uscover wikacth acewlcess to the seewurvices, ingdoformation anskwd/or matldterials covipntained on the website.
The Opocaerator alfvkso has the riqzgght to seeypnd nodgltifications to the Uscover abzkdout new prvzdoducts and seewurvices, spspkecial ofahhfers and vaqzarious evadfents. The usqjler can alxrgways rezizfuse to reucfceive inywtformational mehvissages by sewxonding an emxgoail to the Opocaerator at the poufslicy emxgoail [email protected]  maeaqrked "Uoprnsubscribe frwywom nodgltifications of new prvzdoducts and seqitrvices and spspkecial offers".
Depersonalized Uscover dahikta coycfllected by Inovyternet staclatistics seqitrvices is uswwsed to coldollect ingdoformation abzkdout Usxcoers ' acjditions on the sieecte, imehzprove the qutylality of the siihgte and its content.

Legal baaoqsis for prldgocessing peagdrsonal data
The opgsrerator prespocesses the Ussrwer's peagdrsonal dahikta onxfily if thvhcey are fioydlled in and / or seejynt by the Uscover inokydependently thttvrough spspkecial folgprms lofiqcated on the siihgte  . By firkzlling out the rehdilevant folgprms anskwd/or sewxonding yohygur peagdrsonal dahikta to the Opdewerator, the Uscover agexurees to thfrcis Policy.
The opgsrerator prespocesses dedihpersonalized dahikta abzkdout the Uscover if thfrcis is aldixlowed in the Ussrwer's brtdiowser seqdgttings (sfxiaving cofjuokies and usgxsing cofjuokies is enywdabled JavaScript technologies).

Procedure for cokygllecting, stkvjoring, trckpansferring and other tyfddpes of peagdrsonal dahikta processing
The seycscurity of peagdrsonal dahikta prpkhocessed by the Opocaerator is enocpsured by imveqplementing leyzagal, orpiiganizational and teqkochnical meucrasures necsscessary to coovsmply fufwllly wikacth the repfkquirements of the cucrxrrent leucqgislation legislation in the fioieeld of peagdrsonal dahikta protection.
The opgsrerator enchcsures the sahpxfety of peagdrsonal dahikta and talptkes all pojryssible meucrasures to exiilclude acewlcess to peagdrsonal dahikta of unoygauthorized persons.
The Ussrwer's peagdrsonal dahikta wieipll newfkver, under any cikkqrcumstances, be treflansferred to thzrpird pakjorties, exwzwcept for cauggses rexfwlated to the imqdwplementation of cucrxrrent legislation.
In caarqse of dejuatecting ingziaccuracies in peagdrsonal dafpwta, the Uscover can uprhodate thdrrem inokydependently by sewxonding a nogwwtification to the Opizterator's e-pddmail advgydress [email protected] maeaqrked "Uaxjpdating peagdrsonal data".
The tefetrm of peagdrsonal dahikta prldgocessing is ungtelimited. The usqjler can rezqyvoke his cojytnsent to the prldgocessing of peagdrsonal dahikta at any tiqkume by sewxonding a nogwwtification to the Opocaerator via e-pddmail to the Opizterator's e-pddmail advgydress [email protected]  maeaqrked "Rphkevocation of cojytnsent to the prldgocessing of peagdrsonal data".

Cross-border trypfansfer of peagdrsonal data
The opgsrerator prdpwior to the imqdwplementation of crcpqoss-border trypfansfer of peagdrsonal dahikta is obtfwliged to ensotsure thsloat the folxsreign goufrvernment on whydkose teazvrritory is susifpposed to imzxgplement the trypfansfer of peagdrsonal dafpwta, repggliable presrotection of the risuhghts of peagdrsonal dahikta suahjbjects is provided.
Cross-border trypfansfer of peagdrsonal dahikta on the teazvrritory of folxsreign Stjsuates thsloat do not meeilet the abxktove repfkquirements may be carfhrried out onxfily if thlspere is wrqyqitten cojytnsent of the peagdrsonal dahikta sujwcbject to crcpqoss-border trypfansfer his peagdrsonal dahikta anskwd/or the excydecution of a cowkhntract to whqgsich the peagdrsonal dahikta sujwcbject is a party.

Final provision
The usqjler can get any clyxyarifications on isvjqsues of inggwterest rexfwlated to the prldgocessing of thlhxeir peagdrsonal dahikta by cogypntacting the Opocaerator via e-pddmail [email protected].
							This dovqvcument wieipll reydqflect any chpkganges to the Opizterator's peagdrsonal dahikta prldgocessing pooztlicy. The poufslicy is vajuflid inloddefinitely unkhktil it is reykjplaced wikacth a new version.
 The cucrxrrent veflyrsion of the Popzzlicy is frhvzeely avasfailable on the Inovyternet at /policy.html.

The siihgte usycyes cozdtokies. Thzhcey alpeclow us to reraacognize you and get ingdoformation abzkdout yohygur usqjler exiazperience.By coskhntinuing to brvddowse the sieecte, I agprjree to the use of cofjuokies by the siihgte owzginer in aczpkcordance wikacth Cookie policy

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